We help websites at work to become websites that work! Website Design and Development that achieves conversion with target audiences.

Adaptability and Responsiveness

A distributed content model across WordPress and YII2 connected to social media platforms allows us to reach our client’s audiences on the platform of their choice. As platform features change and develop, user trends evolve, or platforms fall in and out of favour, we’re able to adapt and pivot quickly.

Effective Websites in 2022 are a complex combination of key components applied in a way that makes them look simple yet achieve their desired purpose with the target audience, convert leads and manage your brand’s reputation.

Amelia Thompson Wedding Planner website design by Life Group


made to engage
Azene ecommerce website design by Life Group


built to sell
Protection Zone microsite designed by Life Group


developed to excel
Home Energy survey hosted by Life Group


Progressive web apps

Our website principles

User navigation should be easy
Updates should be automated

Trends design adaptiveness
User experience should be positive

Coding should be clean and modern
Secure and up to date
GDPR compliant
Legal in relevant regions
Search Engine optimised
Connected across platforms
Fast ranking by Google Tools
Analytics for effectiveness