Software Development

Software Development & CRM

Our team brings over three decades of application development experience to meet your needs.

With proficiency in both cutting edge and legacy software engineering, we can help to bridge the gap between tired, outdated infrastructure and modern, efficient, and secure systems. Our portfolio includes an impressive array of solutions. From customer relationship management systems to human resources. Education systems to website content management. And everything in between.

Our solutions are often deployed to bespoke cloud environments, depending on requirements – we have experience with Amazon web services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Digital ocean to name a few. We will work with your favourite provider, or suggest a service to suit your requirements and budget.

Laptop displaying the SPHR software developed by Life Group

Our processes are designed to be simple and customer-friendly. Once we receive an enquiry, we work closely with the customer to establish their requirements and desired outcomes. We use this information to tailor a solution that will meet and hopefully exceed those goals.

Once the specification has been approved by the customer, that’s when the real work begins. Our team of skilled developers begin to build the solution. Daily stand-ups and weekly team meetings keep a finger on the pulse of the project as it continues, allowing for regular customer updates and squashing blocking issues before they become a problem.

Mobile phone displaying the SPHR software developed by Life Group

The development team enjoys an environment that welcomes creative and “outside of the box” thinking. This in turn drives innovation and pushes the technology in new and exciting directions.

When the coding and design work is done, the solution is sent to the customer for approval and acceptance testing before being deployed by our awesome DevOps and hosting team.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Because of this we put a huge emphasis on communication and customer aftercare. During the project, you can expect weekly updates on progress as well as a comprehensive package to handle any post-deployment support that is required.

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