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Media & You, Newport

... a fantastic, diverse and continually developing business. Choose quality. Choose professional. Choose Life.

Oopsy Daisies, Merry Hill Dudley

The team at Life Group are not only professional and good at what they do but they actually listen! They take time out to get to know you and your business, what it is you want and need and then they pull it all together and create it! It is not something generic but something that reflects you and is unique to you. You come away knowing that they want the best for you and your business!

Road Emulsion Association, UK

Very professional and talented team. I rely on their support to my industry organisation in managing the quality and influence of our website and ensuring any requirements for promoting industry services are targeted at the most appropriate client base.

Barnes Associates, Yorkshire

The team at Life Group have been excellent , helping us with various areas of our business - I would certainly recommend them.

M.D. School Of Performing Arts Telford

The whole experience was totally hassle-free for me. Everything was taken care of and they guided and advised me through the whole process of which I’m delighted with the end product.

Q Financial

I highly recommend Life Group, having met Stephen at a networking event we have forged a strong working relationship and used the company services.. Trying to grow my own brand, Life Group has assisted greatly and we recently worked together to produce our first ever social media and website video. Within one week of initial discussions the video was recorded and produced ready for use, a top quality professional video as an amazing price and ready to use straight away is invaluable.

Howie, Kent & Co

Great service from Life Group team with our website and content. Highly recommend.

Ashley Cookson

Having tried other talented providers it was important to us that our marketing supply partner was trustworthy and honest in equal measure to creativity. We wanted a partner that was congruent with what they advocated and conducted their business with a cadence of professionalism including managing their own financial obligations. Not only did Life Group meet our criteria they have been a constant, creative catalyst in bringing us together with our international client base. They take every time available to know us and our client with no gimmicks, no manipulations and false statements and we are delighted to have them on the team. Life Group know the laws that govern business and life and follow them..they give before getting and serve their customers needs and wants beyond expectation. If you value Integrity, trust, competence and've found it with them.

Adult Learning Improvement Network

The team at Life have been fantastic for our company. The Adult Learning Improvement Network (ALIN) have benefitted from excellent customer service, innovative ideas, quick response and flexible approach to problem solving. The have provided very good value for money and really got know our business to understand the needs and budget. Would highly recommend

Granville Book Keeping

Working with Life Group has changed my working life. My team and I are so happy with your product! It is simple, practical, powerful and really easy for us to use. We like that the team are responsive to our needs if we have any questions. Thank you! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone or any business looking for a great digital solution.

Consulting Arborist Society

CAS has benefited significantly. The communication system, finance, GDPR compliance, member and client management and file storage is so easy to use. We are so impressed by how fast the system is to load…it’s nearly real time and even bad internet connection hardly slows it down. Have a small business or organisation? You need Life Group!

Willmakers of the Midlands

Over the years I have met many web designers who just build websites- Life Group take this to a new level in understanding your market and targeting your site to your own customers. Extremely professional company and nice people to deal with. I could not recommend them highly enough - they add a new dimension to not only building sites but getting them to work too.

Icon Business

AWARD-WINNING 5* SERVICE We had been with our hosting and domain name provider for over 13 years. Late last year, we were advised that our provider was facing business challenges due to the pandemic and was selling the business. We had less than 12 months to migrate to the new owners or source our provider. A cursory look at the proposed new owner suggested that we look elsewhere for our hosting and domain services. That was easy. Right on our doorstep was Lifegroup. Co-owned by Stephen Rademan, the vision and values of Lifegroup exceeded the excellent values of our previous provider. Stephen himself explained the process and how seamless the transition would be. Having awarded Lifegroup the task of migrating our hosting, domain and e-mail services – Lifegroup stayed true to its promise. We were informed of each critical step of the process. Some extra work unearthed itself, but Lifegroup committed to honouring the estimate given. Transition is now complete. Not a blip at all in services. Completely seamless. Lifegroup explored how the website could be improved – which is now work they are undertaking. With the success of this transition, Lifegroup was granted the task of migrating my daughter’s website, which is essential towards her Fashion, Communications and Promotion degree. A very nervous university student, already anxious due to the lockdown, was delighted when she learnt that the website, domain and e-mails had all been transitioned – days earlier than expected. All in all a very professional, high quality and committed service. Would we recommend Lifegroup – of course, we would – after all, they are an Award-winning Digital Agency SME also featured by The Sunday Times and Independent newspapers.

Crowns Fitness

My shooting experience was relaxed yet professional! I felt very comfortable being myself and encouraged to be experimental with content. The staff gave me confidence and have over delivered on the product. I can't believe they were able to produce the result from the variety of content shot.