Personal Trainer packages

Designed by personal trainers for personal trainers

Hi there!

We understand that you want to focus on your business, to do what you love and make a difference. However, like all of us in business digital promotion is an increasingly essential part of what we need in order to stay visible and connected to our audience and potential clients. With this in mind, we have consulted with PT’s in the industry to produce helpful packages that tailor to your needs and budget as you grow.

Our options range across:

  • Content support with script creation for media production (2 hours pre filming) and Social Channel management (posting of media content to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta posts/Stories)
  • Online Growth and Lead Generation – Google ranking, Google MyBusiness, Social Channel Growth and Work Enquiries* (spec subject to your requirements)
  • Film set, crew
  • 1 hour slot
  • Editing of film/photo(s) created in that time (capped at twenty 30 second reels) with logo, music and title intro

If you don’t see what you need here please get in touch! We love to connect with new people and will do our best to help you or to point you in a direction that will.

Why not arrange to drop into our studio, look around and meet our friendly team for a 30-minute introduction. It’s free…and we make the best barista coffee (or tea/cold drinks if that’s your preference!)