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Life Design aims to reach our client’s audience with high quality design, branding and intelligent strategic placement of campaigns on relevant platforms. We produce content that not only speaks to the distinct needs of our audience but conveys the message of the client’s business in a tone and language that is easily relatable.

Using relevant cultural and socio-economic themes in business and current events, we create multimedia content with internal team and skilled contractors, that effectively conveys the intended message and solicits a response. Content is packaged as campaigns and disseminated natively on various social media platforms as part of a distributed content model. In this way we can reach explorers where they’re already congregating. Upon deployment, content is responsive across devices and is typically light on data usage to reduce bounce rate and engage user retention. As such, we adopted a mobile-first strategy to maintain industry leading standards. Life Design regularly trials new technologies and platforms to tailor campaigns to specific audiences, based on their distinct contexts. This adaptable approach allows us to respond to usage trends and platform bias quickly.


Website Design, Branding & Design, Newsletters & Magazines

“Amazing company so intuitive with design”

Gail Perry, Perry Business Support

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