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I am Marie…

and I am originally from Latvia, Riga, but I am British/Latvian. 

By the time I finished my Master degree in London in Human Resource management, I made so many friends and connections that I decided to stay here permanently. 

I have three very different career paths which I developed concurrently. I am an employment lawyer and established a solid career in Human Resource and talent management, helping people to define and pursue their career goals. I am also a London based model and a seasoned luxury travel blogger with 53 countries on my list. Travel is my top 3 passion and I have my own bespoke travel business that focuses on experiential travel. 

I have so many passions…

in life and my career paths are very diverse and multi-channelled, so let’s go one by one ..:) 

To start with, I love my corporate career and I have over 10 of experience in career coaching and mentoring, talent management and graduate recruitment. It entails helping people to find career opportunities whilst meeting their professional dreams, and also,  helping them to make important professional and sometimes life-changing decisions. I am proud to say that I was able to help hundreds of graduates and established professionals find their passion and purpose in life. 

My travel company concentrates on experiential and luxury travel. We organise bespoke tours to Europe, Asia and the East for our loyal guests in accordance with their dreams, taking them off the main tourist beaten track. I am an absolute travel addict myself and really love showing our customers special places and well-hidden gems on this planet. That’s my real passion.

Also, I’ve been modelling since I was 15- 16 years old. My speciality is location shots and I work with various established and upcoming designers. I try to do the majority of my modelling work for my designers in special locations,  so we can make their beautiful creations look outstanding. 

Since I remember myself, I always wanted to travel, be my own boss and a true leader, as well as model beautiful items, put it this way- I have some real fashionistas in my family:) Sounds pretty unachievable and way too diverse?  Probably yes, but I wasn’t willing to give up on any of these dreams, hence I decided to pursue them all at once. Has it worked out? I would say – absolutely yes, despite it requiring an enormous amount of effort, sleepless nights, hard work and self-motivation.

In Human Resources and career management – life & career coaching and mentoring talent management and professional development, UK employment law casework. I am a fully UK qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. 

In travel – “unbeaten track”, unique locations and residences that aren’t available through main channels, experiential, VIP, luxury travelling. Bespoke packages for our guests. We create all our packages via a personalised consultation.

In modelling- location and unique residences photoshoots, evening gowns, unique and luxury gowns and jewellery. 

What motivates you in business? 

Positive results, happy and satisfied customers, ability to help and give something back to the community.

How did you survive the lockdown? 

In general, through my positive thinking and making more ambitious but realistic plans for the future.

I need to say, for me it was very hard to stay in one place, as I wasn’t able to travel as much as I used to. I’ve also realised who is really important to me and why, I started to connect more with my nearest and dearest and really filtered my nearest circle. Lockdown was a great time to reflect.

As a successful woman in business how would you encourage others to overcome obstacles and challenges that they may face?

Believe in your dream and don’t let anyone crash it. Use your IQ and emotional intelligence and to work out the best way forward. Make sure your support group is credible and can provide genuine and well-balanced advice based on knowledge rather than just opinions and emotions. When you get into a difficult situation ask an expert who you can trust, not just a friend. Friends are great and please stick to your besties, but often you will need a professional to help you. 

Always remember Winston Churchill’s phrase- if you are going through hell, keep going.

Trust my experience, with the right level of determination and hard work, you will see the light at the end of a tunnel.

Do you have any top tips for success?

Believe in your dream. Have a plan. Make sure that you are surrounded by the right people to deliver it. Finally – there are always going to be some obstacles on the way, never give up, keep going to your final destination. 

Tell us something interesting about you?

 Aside from my businesses I have many other passions- I love surfing, skiing and I absolutely adore animals (especially Big Cats). I am helping a few cats & dogs shelters in Eastern Europe. 

I also love political science

Fun fact? 

When I started skiing 10 years ago I thought that I can “work it out myself as it looked easy enough “, so I lied to the ski instructor that I already had some skiing experience. To my and his disappointment I spent the first 2 hours falling everywhere on the intermediate ski slope and bumping into people. I was embarrassed and bruised towards the end of the day and my ski instructor wasn’t very impressed with my skiing. Since then, I truly believe that honesty is the best policy. 

What services/products do you offer?

Career and life coaching and mentoring, preparing for interviews and assessment service, resume review. Career path changes.

Bespoke travel arrangements, only unique locations and experiences (focus on Italy, Greece and the East)

How can people get in touch or book

Email: [email protected] 

Instagram: DM me to vi_marie777

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