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I am Abbie Cummings…

I am from Telford and have lived here the majority of my life (so I know it like the back of my hand). I have grown up in Shifnal and moved into Lightmoor within the last 2 years.

My business, which I have the pleasure of enjoying every single day is Personal Training.

I aim to provide a service whereby clients receive guided, effective, and enjoyable training sessions, based around not only achieving their individually set goals; but, also learning the structure and progressions of their plans.

Educating each client I come into contact with of the endurability and lifestyle changes they have the capacity to make, despite their doubts, is a key focus. Health and fitness require consistency and dedication.

I first got into Personal Training as I was ALWAYS involved in sports.

At school, any opportunity to be house captain or represent my school, I’d play football, netball, badminton, trampolining, gymnastics and the list goes on.

Additionally, outside of school, I’d taken part in gymnastics since the age of 6, so a career in fitness was inevitable! In the sixth form, we were given an opportunity to complete our Level 2 Gym Instruction and Level 3 Personal Training, so no part of me would’ve let the opportunity pass me by.

With regards to my speciality, I have gained a lot of experience with females who are looking to grow confidence within the gym environment and educating them on using weight training in an effective manner. I am currently working towards educating myself in Nutrition and Weight Management.

The biggest source of motivation I gain in my business is the results. Not only seeing and acknowledging the physical progress my clients achieve but the psychologically. The growth through confidence, self-worth, resilience, and determination (to name a few) that my clients display as they venture through their individual fitness journey will always make me work my hardest for them.

Surviving lockdown! I survived lockdown in the most enjoyable way I could. Getting out and moving! In the first lockdown, with the beautiful sunshine was easy, during the last 2, I gave myself challenges to achieve to stay focused on positivity. Communicating with my clients massively helped as it gave me further focus on the long term.

Choosing Crowns Fitness…

…would mean choosing to put yourself and your goals first! Making yourself a priority and learning how to develop into the best version of you! Providing you with a source of information, guidance, and support throughout, I promise to give my clients 100%.

Top Tips for exercising at home:

# No equipment is needed, so no excuses!

# Set ‘fitness appointments’ with yourself in order to not procrastinate or neglect training

# Start off with 10/15mins session and write the exercises down in order not to overwhelm yourself when you are first getting started

# Ask for support from family friends by requesting they join in or check in on your sessions

Something fun about me

there isn’t something specific about me that is fun. I have extremely high energy of which all my clients can back up! That means every interaction will be interesting and never boring!

I provide a variety of services. The most common being 1 to 1 personal training sessions in either a gym-based environment or in my private gym facility (exclusive for Crowns Fitness clients. Throughout lockdown, I have developed the virtual side of training of which I will continue to offer post lockdown. In addition, I run various online classes, nutrition guidance and planning, and when lockdown is lifted BEE CAMP will be back on the go. Bee Camp is Crowns Fitness answer to a fitness Bootcamp.

In order to get in contact with me, you are able to either email me at

[email protected]

or alternatively via social media: Facebook Crowns Fitness or Instagram Crowns Fitness.

Once you have expressed interest in getting started I shall organise an initial consultation in order to speak and lay down all details and answer all questions you may have!
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