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Ethics & Values

Life Group has a passion to support and serve small businesses as they grow and to help strengthen established businesses to maximise their ROI, impact, and to positively transform their local communities. Ethics and Values are very important to us and are a big part of Life Group, both in how we use our spare time and in where our proceeds go. We have reflected some of them here so you can get to know us better.


We value education and future generations for the priceless treasure that they are. We invest into students, education practice and consultancy and have worked with many educational providers. The not for profit educational sector always receives a discount on services from us. We recognise the fantastic and very necessary work you do and are grateful for it.


Our hosting is Carbon Neutral and we strive in our practice to be as green as possible. The environment matters and every little helps.

Black & White

Transparency, Fairness, Integrity and Excellence are key to longevity in business. You can expect these to be evidenced in our work with you.


Domestic and Foreign Exploitation and Modern Day Slavery is the highest it has ever been in history. It needs to stop, and our policies and practice mean that we will not do business with any organisation that doesn’t comply in their practice with these ethical values.


Any work with vulnerable people and young people such as in the Looked After system or with special needs, is close to our hearts. If you are an agency or group that supports them please get in touch to find out about our special rates.


Our Mental Health is every bit as important as our physical well being, and this is one of the more important social issues of our generation. We offer free digital service consultation to mental health support groups.

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