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Life Group's Growth team in action, working together to grow local businesses.


Grow your business

We understand that everyone in business wants to succeed. We want to be part of that journey with you! We have over 40 years of in house experience helping to grow businesses both small and large. Sceptical? That’s ok, we get it. Why don’t you read our google reviews and see what our clients are saying?

One of the things that our clients love about us is our ability to make things transparent and clear, right from our first meeting until delivering what we promised. If you get in touch you can experience this for yourself with a no-obligation chat.


With strategic marketing

We use innovative tools to discover where your potential audience is, how to reach them, and where the market gaps are. As we believe in doing this collaboratively we take you through the onboarding process and give you daily insights into your campaign’s development, empowering your decisions and confidence to act responsively and manage risk.

We know that you need transparency when it comes to ROI and whether or not your pounds are being spent wisely. Our dashboards and reporting systems will leave you in no doubt.

Desk with a laptop set up for graphic design and marketing.
Life Group business cards reading "innovative digital services - working together for your growth"


With a brand refresh

Let’s face it, we all want to look smashing!  We understand that and so we focus on delivering branding in a way that is optimised for target audiences. We design the comprehensive brief given in collaboration with the client. We Quality Assure all designs with two separate post-production checks from business and design professionals before submission to the client.

We collaborate with you to make sure that our designs meet the following:
1. Client satisfaction
2. Fit for the purpose you intend
3. Correctly licensed images and content
4. Industry-relevant
5. Clear design process and client participation from start to finish
6. No hidden costs
7. Final product supplied in the correct formatting


With a website that converts

In the digital age, your business’s website is critical to your success. Effective Websites in 2021 are a complex combination of key components applied in a way that makes them look simple yet achieve their desired purpose with the target audience, convert leads and manage your brand’s reputation. Regardless of whether you need a lead generation brochure website or an online shop, we have you covered with our experienced development team who make the experience hassle-free. 

Our team also take on larger, more complex development projects, so if you need software developed or an APP built feel free to touch base. Let us work with you to achieve something great.

Mac displaying the Azene website developed by Life Group