Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement Journey

Don’t follow the crowd, get the crowd to follow you! 

Research tells us that in 2021 over 75% of companies and organisations use some form of marketing automation. However, over 64% of them aren’t seeing their desired results. This is because 61% primarily use marketing automation for lead capture rather than the 36% minority who successfully use it for improving customer engagement. 

The customer engagement journey is a critical aspect of any business in our digital world, because great user experiences lead to better, more sustainable, long-term growth. In business, new and existing clients are so much more than just leads and numbers, they are our lifeblood. 

A clear Customer Engagement Journey will help you understand practical, sustainable ways to raise your audiences Awareness of your service and product, engage their Interestand then help them with the Consideration of what to buy and when. It can help you automate and measure the Purchase process for a rich and customer-centred process that develops the customers’ Post Purchase relationship with you and facilitates Re-Purchase and their continued recommendation/referral of you to others. 

Do you need help with your digital marketing strategy? Life Group can help you optimise both your lead capture and customer engagement.

Optimise your Customer Engagement Journey because in the long run everyone benefits.

The Customer Engagement Journey.