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Simple, Powerful, Helpful, Reliable


SPHR, is the engine behind a suite of SaaS (Software as a Service) web applications built by Life Group. The software is built around 4 core services; Business, Non-profit, Education and Analytics.

Each service provision is a complete and dedicated application built to meet that specific need. All SPHR applications are built to grow with the needs and legal requirements of the end users. 

Community engagement is key to the success and continued use of the applications. Comments and suggestions for new features are always welcome.

Development is focused on simplicity and doing the basics really well. The SPHR application can only be hosted on our dedicated Life Group infrastructure. The applications cannot run on shared hosting or other alternative providers. New clients can only be added by our devOps team and suite of automated services.



Easy and intuitive to use and acquire awesome results. Clear pricing, nothing hidden.


Advanced features under the hood, provides useful and informative business data


Human led support for the entire lifecycle.


Always fast, always there when you need it. 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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