Life Group

Life Group is a full service digital agency built on the principles of Ethics and Excellence


In Life Group passion for people gives purpose to our projects. We understand that you want a quality service that provides excellent value and creates sustainable growth for your business. Let us serve you with our passion to help you succeed. As an award-winning full digital agency, we believe that our breadth of international experience and the excellence prevalent in our service will help you succeed.


To be a significant business catalyst bringing economic and social transformation to your business or organisation through accessible digital development, media, innovative design, intelligent analysis and strategic collaboration with integrity and excellence.


Ethics and Values are very important to us and are a big part of Life Group, both in how we use our spare time and in where our proceeds go. Our business values include: Excellence, Ethical Practice, Equality, Innovation, Passion, Kindness, Creativity, Transparency, Fun, Clarity, Integrity, Commitment, Diligence

Our Journey

Life Group

The Life Group team is made up of the following areas and has a passion for partnering with clients and communities for sustainable growth and digital health.


We have a wealth of experience in design and networking expertise to deliver the highest quality projects that often exceed expectations.


Our team is on hand to provide excellent and cutting edge technology and development solutions to drive your business forward. Our team has significant industry experience in global pioneering programmes.


Our team has extensive experience in audio and visual production including West End Theatre and touring. We create conversion-oriented media that produces lasting results. Our in-office full studio with five areas for production and editing allows us to make high-end video promotions and a wide range of photoshoots.

Growth & Marketing

Our USP and passion is the Customer Engagement Journey. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow using innovative digital tools and trends, clear systems and measured results. The User engagement journey is something we invest a lot of time and effort into ...with great returns!