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BESPOKE CRM HOME / BESPOKE CRM Simple, Powerful, Helpful, Reliable WHAT IS SPHR? SPHR, is the engine behind a suite of SaaS (Software as a Service) web applications built by Life Group. The software is built around 4 core services; Business, Non-profit, Education and Analytics. Each service provision is a complete and dedicated application built [...]

The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur HOME / The Entrepreneur GETTING STARTED? GOT AN IDEA? WE CAN HELP SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £900 + VAT Logo Branding Printed Business cards (250) Printed Flyers (100) Website Design Optimised Website & essential SEO Hosting for website (1 year) Email for Website x2 (1 YEAR) Domain for website ( Payment plans available [...]

The Executive

The Executive HOME / The Executive GROWING? NEED AN UPGRADE? WE CAN HELP SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £2000 + VAT WEBSITE REDESIGN OR PROGRESSIVE WEB APP WITH NATIVE APP PUBLISH TO ANDROID /IOS Payment plans available GET IN TOUCH We understand that it’s not easy establishing sustainable growth online. Especially during an extremely challenging economic and [...]

Drive‐Through Studio

Drive‐Through Studio HOME / Drive‐Through Studio Helping Businesses Access Essential yet Premium Video Services at Affordable Prices NEED TO CREATE VIDEO CONTENT? DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START? ONLY £200 + VAT 1 HOUR FILM drop in CREW, STUDIO AND EQUIPMENT EDITING, PRODUCTION, UPLOADING 5PM - 9PM TUES, WED, FRI BOOK ONLINE APPOINTMENT ONLY 21 Horton [...]

Life Growth Packages

Life Growth Packages HOME / Life Growth Packages GROWTH Our Digital Growth Packages analyse your current and potential market online and then create a strategy to help you achieve maximum ROI. We utilise some of the following in this process: Google MyBusiness YouTube Web Analytics & Social Analytics SEO, Key Words & Backlinks Trends AI [...]

Life Group Data and Privacy Policy

Life Group Data and Privacy Policy June 2020     Life Group/Life Solutions teams have a responsibility to handle the data provided by users through our services and marketing in a secure, efficient and sensitive way. Most countries have laws which cover data privacy and protection, and Life Design and Life Solutions have a legal [...]

Newsletters & Magazines

Newsletters & Magazines HOME / Newsletters & Magazines Our newsletters are designed by media professionals with decades of marketing and design experience in mainstream media. Driven by research, collaboration, creativity and hard data we look at all the available options to help our clients achieve maximum results. This means they aren’t boxed in by industry [...]

Branding & Design

Branding & Design HOME / Branding & Design Because Branding and Design are bespoke, we research and collaborate each project to deliver the highest quality. RELEVANCE We focus on delivering branding in a way that is optimised for target audiences. We design to the comprehensive brief given in collaboration with the client. We Quality Assure [...]

Website Design, UI & UX

Website Design, UI & UX HOME / Website Design, UI & UX We help websites at work to become websites that work! Website Design, UI, UX that works well and achieves conversion with target audiences. Adaptability and Responsiveness – A distributed content model across WordPress and YII2 connected to social media platforms allows us to [...]

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