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LIFE GROUP – Innovative Digital Services working together for your growth.

We are a collaborative of consultants, designers, developers and media professionals who have the expertise and passion to help your business / organisation grow.

What do Blockbuster, Tie Rack, BHS, Toys R US, Maplin, Barratts, Staples and Borders all have in common? They no longer exist. Unprepared for the rapid changes in global business they are now just memories of great businesses past. Blockbuster in particular, laughed the Netflix founders out of the boardroom when they proposed their ideas to them. Don’t be like them. Adapt now. It doesn’t have to cost the earth. Just a commitment to continuous personal and professional development. And we want to help with that.

Because we are Value Led and Innovation Driven it means that we put our client centred values first without compromise, and use them to navigate as our passion for innovation, education and growth drives us forward.

This is important in an increasingly globalised online business world where CHANGE is here to stay, and Value, Simplicity, Connectivity, Brand Positioning, Visibility, Reliability, Relevance, Security, Data Protection, Continuous Development, Flexibility and Intelligence are essential to survive, adapt and thrive.

Our Specialised Consultation, Growth Resources, Media Production, Design, Development and Software as a Service are just part of our integrated approach to ensure our clients stay at the forefront of their industry regardless of Global Crisis, Economic Changes and Technological or Cultural Adaptions such as the Internet of Things (Alexa?…). We see our products and services in the same way that a river bank supports a river, helping you to create the structure and direction for your enterprise and to support a sustainable flow of life and health for your objectives.

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Life Solutions

Bespoke Software, Development, Website Design, Hosting, Emails, SPHR, Automation and more


Life Visions

Video Production, Promotions, Animation, Voice Over, Music, SFX and more


Life Growth

Digital Growth, Digital Disruption, Funnels, Analytics, Market Research and more


Life Design

Design, Branding, Printing, Newsletters, Magazines, Logo, Animation and more



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